Global Interview Series

Inflation, supply chain disruption, energy transition trends and ESG are at the core of every industry conversation today. We kick off the new year with a bite-sized interview series exploring the future of infrastructure investments and key industry trends, as well as challenges facing investors, asset managers and all industry leaders.


Gordon Bajnai, Head of Global Infrastructure, Campbell Lutyens; Former Prime Minister of Hungary

We discuss how the inflation crisis is affecting the current market for infrastructure investment; the impact of global geopolitical tensions; and energy transition as the megatrend shaping the future of infrastructure.


Eric Kuisch, Member of The Executive Board and COO, Eurofiber

Explore Eurofiber’s approach to sustainable growth in the digital infrastructure space; hyperscalers as crucial accelerators for digital transformation; and the role that Fiber Optic Networks will play for upcoming 5G technology.


Lucinda Hearth, Head of ESG, Infrastructure Investments, DWS Group

Hear about ESG reporting challenges and limitations; the need for investors and portfolio companies to move towards a single standard; and the benefits of the ESG Data Convergence Project.


Athanasios Zoulovits, Partner, InfraVia Capital Partners

Learn about the opportunities and risks for investment in the current infrastructure market; the role of social infrastructure as a resilient asset class; and the fast-approaching transition into a circular economy model.

What are the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide?

Keeping you updated with our new global webinar series; focused 30-minute discussions on the Hydrogen Economy, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Waste-to-Energy technologies and much more. Hosting and speaking opportunities available!