Global Infrastructure Hub: InfraCompass 2020

Global Infrastructure Hub: InfraCompass 2020

The Global Infrastructure Hub, partnering with Deloitte, have released InfraCompass 2020, a significant update to its online tool and report that quantifies the strength of countries’ infrastructure enabling environments.

For the first time, the tool ranks 81 countries collectively representing 93% of global GDP and 86% of the global population, against eight drivers of quality infrastructure investment.

You can use InfraCompass to identify reforms that reduce barriers to investment in infrastructure; benchmark your countries’ performance against others to understand opportunities for improvement; improve infrastructure performance and encourage greater investment in quality infrastructure.

Summary of InfraCompass 2020 report

  • Planning was the least improved driver globally, with 38% of countries still lacking national infrastructure plans and 28% not yet publishing a pipeline of projects
  • Taxation regimes that create poor incentives for investment were evident in 70% of countries
  • Procurement was the most improved driver globally, with 88% of countries now publishing procurement guidelines, and almost 40% f countries making improvements since 2017.
  • 35% of countries do not conduct market soundings before project procurement
  • 95% of countries analysed now have dedicated national infrastructure agencies
  • Some middle and low-income countries are making strides in improving their policy and market drivers to enable the delivery of quality infrastructure
  • Permits is the most varied driver across income groups. Some lower middle-income countries have reformed their procedures for issuing construction permits and starting businesses and now outperform many high-income countries that have longer legacy processes.

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