Job Vacancy | Financial Advisor (Project Director), Infrastructure and Projects Authority – Cabinet Office

Job Vacancy | Financial Advisor (Project Director), Infrastructure and Projects Authority – Cabinet Office

Job summary

The IPA is the government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects. We sit at the heart of government, reporting to the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury. Our core teams include experts in infrastructure, project delivery and project finance who work with government departments and industry. We support the successful delivery of all types of infrastructure and major projects, ranging from nuclear power stations, CCUS infrastructure, railways, schools, hospitals and housing, to defence, IT and major transformation programmes. We lead the project delivery and project finance professions across government.

Our purpose is to continuously improve the way infrastructure and major projects are delivered in order to support government priorities and improve people’s lives. We aspire to create the best performing project system of any country in the world.

The IPA works with government and industry to ensure projects are delivered efficiently and effectively, and to improve performance over time. We work on the overall project delivery system, which includes the projects, people and processes that together create the right environment for successful delivery. We measure how well the system is performing, so we can learn important lessons and continuously improve project performance over time.

The Cabinet Office is the centre of government. Creating a great place to work is one of the four pillars of our Civil Service vision. Being at the centre of government brings with it huge responsibility for setting the right tone across government and this starts with everyone understanding what we need to deliver, and how our behaviour and the way in which we work together, can have a significant impact on this. Our values are: Respect, Trust, Collaboration.

The Financial Advisory Team (Team) is a source of deep knowledge and expertise which is deployed through the matrix structure of the IPA. The Team supports the delivery of infrastructure and major projects by helping to unlock private sector investment and advise government on the availability and policy implications of private finance to the UK infrastructure market. The Team engages with investors to build a mutual understanding of financing requirements and investor appetite.

With extensive experience in one or more areas, Financial Advisors deploy their knowledge and expertise in line with government priorities. The focus of advice is on improving the performance of project delivery in both Infrastructure, Enterprise & Growth and Public & Security Services.

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