Physical Climate Risk – Can Technology Protect Assets?

Explore the opportunities and risks associated with technology-enabled solutions for improving the resilience and adaptability of infrastructure. Drawing on case studies and insights from existing initiatives, the panellists discuss how technology can protect assets from physical climate risk today and in the future.

Discussion points

– Landslide Prediction case study using RADAR satellite technologies (InSAR)
– Drivers for greater adoption of technology to improve the resilience of infrastructure systems and barriers preventing greater uptake
– How can technology help investors understand the long-term impact of physical climate risks to assets
– Cybersecurity and resilience risks associated with technology-enabled infrastructure


– Amelia Burnett, Associate Director for InfraTech, Global Infrastructure Hub (Moderator)
– Dr Melanie Garson, Cyber Policy Lead, Internet Policy Unit, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
– Candela Sancho, CEO & Founder, Detektia
– Sean Audain, City Innovation Lead, Wellington City Council

This webinar is part of our global webinar series 30 MINUTES WITH… where we explore the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.