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Global Webinar Series

Connecting our global community of senior leaders, keeping you updated with focused 30-minute discussions on the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.

EV Charging Infrastructure – Lessons Learned from the European Roll-out

Governments are deploying new policy tools and state interventions to stimulate the market for EVs and EV charging infrastructure, with plans to accommodate region-specific requirements. Learn about the different paths adopted by European markets and what it means for infrastructure investors, developers, and financiers.

Battery Storage – Investment Opportunities in the UK & Europe

Our expert panel explores the current and future landscape of the UK and the European energy storage market, analysing regional and global trends, investment opportunities and challenges faced by developers and investors in these markets, and the role of regulations and policy measures.

Nuclear Energy – What Next and How to Finance It?

Nuclear energy is widely acknowledged by the IEA/OECD and governments worldwide as critical path for an equitable energy transition. Join our panel of nuclear and infrastructure specialists as we discuss the current state of nuclear power around the world, and explore a path to mainstream finance.

The Blue Dot Network – Unlocking Private Infrastructure Investment in Emerging Markets

The Blue Dot Network (BDN) is a mechanism to certify quality and sustainable infrastructure projects that meet robust global standards. Join us as we discuss this new initiative that aims to catalyse private investment for quality infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries.


2024 Geopolitical Risks – What is the Impact on Infrastructure Investment?

Our panel identified the key events and trends for investors to monitor; their impact on infrastructure projects, and guidance on how to manage risks and opportunities on an increasingly fragmented global stage.


Digital Infrastructure Funding – European Outlook

Our panel of market, legal and finance experts discussed the current status of European digital infrastructure funding, as well as the risk considerations across the different subsectors from a debt and equity point of view.


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