Data Centres: How Do I Connect to the Opportunities?

For a long time infrastructure investors have been circling the data centre space anxious to deploy capital into what, from the outside, appears to be a great opportunity not to be missed.  However, once they start to delve into the asset class in more detail they are hit by a myriad of questions and uncertainty – is it really an infrastructure asset? Where in the world to invest? Platform vs assets? Development versus established?

Discussion Points:

– Where should the infra investor be looking to invest – US vs FLAP vs Asia vs ?
– Platform vs Single Asset – what’s the best option for an investor looking to get in on the action
– DC Development investment – how can an infra investor get comfortable with development and letting risk?
– Hyperscale vs Edge vs Enterprise Divestment – what risks are there for infra investors in each of these and should any simply be avoided
– Technology risk – is this really a thing or just a perception?


Barry Gross, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP (Moderator)
Arun Shenoy, ServerFarm
Quynh Tran, SMBC
Paul Cranfield, VIPA Digital
Joe Harar, EdgeConneX

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