ESG and Energy Security – Can the Two Co-exist? – Valuations & Modelling Series (EP 1)

COP26 feels like a distant memory as the conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated Covid initiated increases in commodity pricing. As a result, energy security is back on the agenda. Does ESG take a back seat to short term security worries? What does the future hold?


– Tomas Freyman, Head of Valuations & Modelling, Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Alasdair Grainger, Net Zero Director, Grant Thornton

– Helena Anderson, Co-founder and COO, Ikigai

– Joe Robinson, ESG Manager, Equitix

– Patrick Rohrbasser, Co-founder, Sustineri Strategy

This is episode 1 of our ‘Valuations & Modelling Series – Key Trends in the Renewable Energy Sector” FLN 4-part webinar series.

EP 1 | ESG & Energy Security

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