Acquiring a Portfolio of Assets from Another Owner – Valuations and Modelling Series (EP 3)

In recent years, there has been a growing trend for funds to acquire platforms that already own a portfolio of operating assets, often in sectors where previously the buyer does not have any sector experience. This panel discusses strategic reasons behind investing in portfolios in comparison to individual assets & platforms, the considerations when doing so, and the valuation trends observed.


– Joanna E Hayes, Associate Director, Valuations & Modelling, Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Ben Thorne, Manager – Valuations , Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Roberto Castiglioni, Co-founder and CEO, Ikigai

– Jasandra Nyker, CEO, Nala Renewables

This is episode 3 of our ‘Valuations & Modelling Webinar Series – Key Trends in the Renewable Energy Sector‘.

EP 3 | Acquiring a Portfolio of Assets from Another Owner

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