Acquiring Developer Platforms – Valuations & Modelling Series (EP 2)

In light of an increasingly competitive global landscape, investors are turning to pipeline and platform opportunities in their bid to acquire renewable energy assets. In this episode, our speakers share experiences from several perspectives, those investing into these assets and those working for the platform itself, as well as the view from valuation professionals on approach to valuing these types of asset.


– Matt Garrity, Manager – Modelling, Grant Thornton (Moderator)

– Joni Koch, Vice President, Sustainable Development Capital LLP (SDCL)

– Katherine Rybinski, Head of Valuations, Octopus Investments

– Katharina Sudeck, Vice President – Infrastructure Investment Group, BlackRock

This is episode 2 of our ‘Valuations and Modelling – Key Trends in the Renewable Energy Sector’ FLN global webinar series.

EP 2 | Acquiring Developer Platforms

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