Nuclear Energy – What Next and How to Finance It?

Nuclear energy is widely acknowledged by the IEA/OECD and governments worldwide as critical path for an equitable energy transition. However, without appropriate political support and long-term policies, the asset class remains un-investable for mainstream energy and infrastructure finance.

The International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure (IBNI) will present their proposal for member states to harness the power of nuclear technology and scale the industry to meet fast-growing demand for energy that is clean, affordable and reliable.

Join our panel of nuclear and infrastructure specialists as we discuss the current state of nuclear power around the world, and explore a path to mainstream finance.

Discussion points:

  • Nuclear energy strategies across key regions: What next after 70 years and 19,000 reactor-years of operations
  • How has nuclear technology changed (large reactors, SMRs and advanced reactors
  • Lessons learned from past attempts to attract mainstream finance and enablers for successful implementation of nuclear newbuild programs/projects
  • Policy priorities: What role should governments play?



  • David Stearns, Member, Strategic Advisory Group for the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure initiative (IBNI)
  • Anne Falchi, Head of Strategy, Nuclear New Build, EDF
  • Kalev Kallemets, CEO and Co-Founder, Fermi Energia
  • Mark Muldowney, Managing Director, Low Carbon Energy Transition Group, BNP Paribas

This webinar is part of our global webinar series 30 MINUTES WITH… where we explore the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.

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