Resilience in Society (EP 2)

The pandemic has increased disparities in societies across the globe. But what’s the role of infrastructure in our cities and networks to build a more equal and inclusive and, therefore, resilient society?

Dr Juliet Mian, Arup’s global Resilience skills network leader, delves into the important roles of digital connectivity, transport, water and energy systems in ensuring city and societal resilience. This keynote presentation is followed by a panel discussion on how we could and should adapt to the challenges ahead considering the interconnectedness of society, physical infrastructure and the natural environment.


– Juliet Mian, Director, Arup

– Jonathan Turton, Director, Arup

– Sachin Bhoite, Director of Climate Resilience, C40 Cities

– Katrin Bruebach, Global Director, Programs, Innovation & Impact, Resilient Cities Network

– Katarzyna Rzucidlo, Human Settlements and Infrastucture Senior Specialist, Green Climate Fund

This webinar is part of our global webinar series The Resilience of Tomorrow where we will draw on the lessons of the past two years as we look to build a resilient tomorrow.

The Resilience of Tomorrow, in... Society

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