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The Resilience of Tomorrow, in…

The outlook for 2022 and beyond is deeply uncertain and the theme of resilience stands out. Governments, businesses, and society have been sorely tested by the pandemic. Social cohesion is under the spotlight. The economic and political picture is troubling. The urgency of the energy transition is clear, underscored by extreme weather events. Digital risks proliferate. The world of work is changing for both employers and employees and there is a crisis of personal wellbeing.

Infrastructure cuts across, and is impacted by, all these issues and so this Global Webinar Series will review the practical implications of these risks. How do we build resilience for tomorrow? What skills will we need to get there?

Resilience in The Economy (EP 1)

We are facing increasing macro-economic challenges in a post-pandemic world which impact the way we live, do business and the wider infrastructure market. But what are these challenges? What can be done to protect a competitive global market? How can we improve the resilience of infrastructure assets and supply chains?

Resilience in Society (EP 2)

The pandemic has increased disparities in societies across the globe. But what’s the role of infrastructure in our cities and networks to build a more equal and inclusive and, therefore, resilient society?

Resilience in Climate (EP 3)

In this episode, we discuss the opportunities investors, developers, financiers, and policymakers have for moving our industry forward and step closer towards realising commitments made at COP26.

Resilience in Mobility (EP 4)

Advanced Air Mobility will be a key mode of sustainable transport offering choice for quick journeys across congested cities, connecting hubs and enabling inter-modal connectivity. However, there are many variables and complexities in the design of vertiport infrastructure at distinct site scenarios such as ground, elevated or water-based sites, enabling vertical urbanism. Hear about the future of Advanced Air Mobility from the different perspectives of our expert speakers.

Resilience in Technology (EP 5)

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