Smart & Green Grids

Smart grids utilise technologies and digital information for enabling the electrical system automation and to allow for a two-way flow of electricity and information for monitoring and controlling the system. The system provides real time information and allows instantaneous balance of power supply and demand. The smart grids allow customers to purchase cleaner, lower carbon emitting generation, promote deployment of Renewable Energy sources and allow access to environmentally friendly power stations.

We discuss the development of smart grids and to what extend they contribute in making the promote the concept of green grids.

Discussion points:

– The main features of smart grids and their contribution to climate change issues and CO2 emission reduction
– Challenges facing the promotion of smart green grids
– Factors that could help in overcoming these challenges from the private sector and public entity’s point of views
– Proposed financing models that could help promoting smart and green grids


Mohammed AlSayed, Manager, Economic Infrastructure, IsDB (Moderator)
Harry Boyd-Carpenter, Director, Head of Energy EMEA Region, EBRD
Kaifeng Yu, Environmental Engineer, Senior Manager , GEIDCO
Radia Sedaoui, Chief of the Energy Section in the Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability Cluster, UN Economic Social Commission of West Asia (ESCWA)

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Presentation | The Tunisian Smart Grid A Support to Integration of Renewable and Green Energy

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