Sustainable Aviation Fuel – How Do We Get to Commercial Viability?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that total production of SAF tripled in 2022, reaching at least 300 million litres, however supply is not enough to reach the airline industry’s long-term emission goals.

Our expert panel explores different types of sustainable aviation fuel, environmental benefits, supply chain issues and the next steps to make SAF affordable and at scale.


– Paul Briggs, Consultant, Bird & Bird’s Aviation and Aerospace Group (Moderator)
– Melissa Sabatine, Federal Public Affairs Manager, Renewable Aviation, Neste
– Geoff Winterbottom, Head of Voyager Capability Development, AirTanker

This webinar is part of our global webinar series 30 MINUTES WITH… where we explore the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.

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