Tech-Driven Finance: Innovations in Financial Modelling

In this three-part series, we provide in-depth insights into financial modelling in today’s dynamic business landscape.

For the first episode, we will explore:

– new functions in Excel for financial modelling, assessing their suitability, pros, and cons, and practical approaches for implementation
– strategies for multi-user access of the same file in financial modelling, including collaboration tools, version control, and data integrity considerations
– opportunities and changes in automation within Excel and in Office environments
– how to utilise Microsoft 365 Copilot to better interrogate data and build models using natural language and powerful visualisations


– Riaa Khurana, Operations & Strategy Manager, Mazars (Moderator)
– Richard Barrett, Senior Modern Work Technical Specialist, Microsoft
– John Yeldham, Director, Financial Modelling, Infrastructure and Energy, Mazars

This webinar is part of our global FLN webinar series Mastering Financial Modelling, in collaboration with Mazars.

Financial Modelling Example

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