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Mastering Financial Modelling

Strategies for Success in Today’s Dynamic Business Environment


From incorporating ESG factors into financial models to navigating project handovers and leveraging technology for innovation, this 3-part FLN global series offers practical tips and best practices for mastering financial modelling in a changing business environment.

This global series is in collaboration with

The Green Factor: Incorporating ESG in Financial Models

Explore the influence of ESG factors on future business models and value chain; the considerations for factoring these evolutions (i.e. ESG-related costs, risks, and opportunities into financial models); and the potential implications of sustainability initiatives on valuation, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making.

Project Handovers: Considerations for Financial Models in Deal Lifecycles

Learn about the impact of project handovers on financial models throughout the life of a deal; key considerations including contractual obligations, termination clauses, and transition arrangements; and analyse financial implications such as changes in revenue, expenses, cash flows, and potential risks and opportunities.

This webinar is taking place on Thursday 21th September (9am New York, 2pm London, 5pm Abu Dhabi).

Tech-Driven Finance: Innovations in Financial Modelling

Review new functions in Excel for financial modelling; analyse strategies for multi-user access of the same file, including collaboration tools, version control, and data integrity considerations; and discover Microsoft’s AI tool ‘Co-Pilot’ to better interrogate data and build models using natural language and powerful visualisations.

This webinar is taking place on Thursday 28th September (9am London, 12pm Abu Dhabi, 4pm Singapore).

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