The Green Factor: Incorporating ESG in Financial Models

In this three-part series, we provide in-depth insights into financial modelling in today’s dynamic business landscape.

For the first episode, we will explore:

– the influence of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors on future business models and value chain

– the considerations for factoring these evolutions i.e. ESG-related costs, risks, and opportunities into financial models

– the role of sustainability initiatives and their potential implications on valuation, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making


– Leigh Tomlinson, Director, Mazars (Moderator)

– Anne-Sophie Eveno, Principal, River & Mercantile

– Julian Macmillan, Director, Mazars

– Tomasz Piasecki, Associate Director Risk Consulting, Mazars

This webinar is part of our global FLN webinar series Mastering Financial Modelling, in collaboration with Mazars.