Waste-to-Energy (WtE) – Lessons Learned from Europe and the UK

Waste-to-energy technology offers a dual solution to waste management and energy needs, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the waste sector. With further advancements, WtE plants can expand their utility by integrating Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) methods, producing e-methanol and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and providing district and industrial heating solutions.

Our expert panel delved into the latest developments in WtE technology, investment opportunities, and key technical and commercial aspects of WtE project development and financing across Europe and the UK.


– Jackie Keaney, Business Development, Indaver (Moderator)

– Kerry Booth, Principal Consultant, Energy and Infrastructure Advisory, ERM

– Paul Davies, Carbon Capture and Storage Adviser, ESG Chair, Viridor

– Nils Plaine, Director, Igneo Infrastructure Partners


This webinar is part of our global webinar series 30 MINUTES WITH… where we explore the latest developments in infrastructure investment worldwide.

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