World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

IPFA is committed to driving and supporting change with respect to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the infrastructure and energy industries.

On Monday 10 October we are supporting World Mental Health Day, with the theme to ‘make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’.

As part of raising awareness for this initiative, we wanted to share resources, articles and inspiration that we have sourced through partnering with our members. Please take a look through and get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Our Voices, Our Stories | Richard Martin, Byrne Dean

Our Voices, Our Stories is a series of conversations with IPFA members and industry leaders, where we hear about their experiences, in their own words.

This conversation was recorded as part of our activities to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day 2021 with the theme of ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

In this 23-minute conversation between Mark Richards, BCLP and IPFA Company Secretary, and Richard Martin, Byrne Dean, we hear from Richard about his mental health journey, and what companies can do to encourage more open dialogue.

Together we can #endthestigma of Mental Health

Join the campaign!

Every year in the UK, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal runs the Green Ribbon campaign to mark Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day.

The Green Ribbon Campaign helps to #endthestigma of mental health. The green ribbon has the simple, but powerful, message of “Together we can #endthestigma” and will be worn by thousands of employees during World Mental Health Day.

Photo provided by our member CubeLynx who are taking part in this campaign.

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