Bringing Hydrogen Projects to Life Series

Join our 3-part global webinar series and hear from our expert panels on lessons learnt from existing projects and their practical implementation.

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EP 1 | Entering the Hydrogen Market

Learn key considerations when developing a hydrogen project, and explore investment opportunities, key regulations and financing challenges.

EP 2 | Economics and Technicalities of Hydrogen Structures 

What is currently considered “clean” hydrogen? And what is the role played by the public sector? Find out more about government subsidies and hydrogen structures.

EP 3 | Hydrogen Value Chains

An insight into offtake structures and hydrogen supply chains in APAC and EMEA, spotlighting key regional differences, and future projections for the hydrogen market.

Introduction to Hydrogen Series

In this 4-part video series, we discover why hydrogen is tipped to be the future of energy transition worldwide and what potential policies and projects might involve this clean fuel.

EP 1 | What is Hydrogen?

This clean fuel is going to be a game changer for infrastructure. But what exactly is hydrogen and why is it so important? (9-minute video)

EP 2 | Uses of Hydrogen

Everyone is excited that hydrogen has unique properties and features but what can you do with it? (10-minute video)

EP 3 | Colours of Hydrogen & the EU Taxonomy

There are different colours of hydrogen… Swot up on what they mean and how they work. (11-minute video)

EP 4 | What Makes a Project?

And the final piece of the puzzle. Take a look at a real-life hydrogen project and explore its different components. (19-minute video)

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