We were delighted to celebrate 25 years of IPFA

Hear from some our members around the world with their thoughts on how our industry has evolved.

Julia Prescot, Meridiam

Rob Ward, MUFG

Nomita Nair, BCLP

Bridgett Majola

Gideon Tilburgs, Equitix

Umer Ahmad, Capton Energy

Our Timeline

Celebrating with our members

Thank you to all of our members who contribute to our community and those who were involved with our 25th anniversary celebrations:

About IPFA

IPFA was established in 1998 to create a membership forum to discuss issues facing the market and to form closer links between the public and private sectors.

We were one of the first connectors, and still are the largest infrastructure and energy network.

For 25 years we have offered a global, independent, multi-disciplinary platform where members share ideas, build networks and develop skills across all career stages.

Our Members

At the heart of our success are 600+ member organisations, who we value and work closely with to achieve our mission and commitment to the continual progression of the global industry.

We provide a  global, independent, multi-disciplinary platform where members share ideas, build networks and develop skills across all career stages.

Our celebrations with our members

We have hosted ten events to mark our 25th anniversary in a number of regions.  The events included a networking reception with guest speakers, social events, as well as more informative briefings focused on the latest industry trends.

Contributions to our Knowledge Hub

Members were invited to showcase ideas, insights, research and best practices to help our global community of 20k+ individuals shape and drive the next 25 years of infrastructure and energy. You can see more in the videos above and in our Knowledge Hub.

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