Global Interview Series

Corporations worldwide globe are investing more resources and efforts into ESG than ever before. But who is it driving real change and what can we learn from their experiences?

In this interview series, our Board Member Nicole Wang (Partner at Deloitte) speaks with exceptional industry leaders to uncover their unique perspectives on how they build and promote best practise ESG behaviours across a variety of sectors. Get to know their journey as we spotlight their contributions.


Serlina Chu, AustralianSuper

Serlina Chu is responsible for ESG integration and Stewardship for private market assets at Australia’s largest pension fund. Find out what responsible investment means to AustralianSuper, and how Serlina and her team are tackling issues like climate change, human rights and gender diversity.


Rob Ward, MUFG

Rob Ward is MUFG’s Head of Project Finance and Head of ESG Finance for the Oceania region. In this interview you’ll hear MUFG’s commitments to sustainable finance and carbon neutrality by 2030; plus Rob’s thoughts on key ESG risks and challenges, how to ensure a successful project and avoid the future implications of ‘greenwashing’.


Brooke Thiessen, Deloitte

Brooke is a Director at Deloitte’s Infrastructure Advisory Team and the lead for the Global Financial Advisory practice’s ESG strategy. In this episode, we explore the critical role of capital markets and government policies in funding the Net Zero transition; recent historical events and key developments in the industry that have reshaped the ESG global agenda; and how ESG standards and frameworks fit in corporate strategies.


Arash Mojabi, ING

Arash is the UK Lead of Sustainable Finance at ING and has recently been recognised as ESG Rising Star at IJGlobal’s 2022 ESG awards. In this interview, we discuss how finance providers are increasingly using their financing as a tool to drive positive behaviours and mitigate climate-related risks; key products that have emerged in the market; and financial and reputational reasons for incorporating sustainability into a company’s financing strategy.


Molly Galloway, Foresight Group

Molly Galloway is a Sustainable Investment Associate at Foresight Group. In this episode, you’ll learn about Foresight Group’s sustainability-led approach and in-house Sustainability Evaluation Tool; the rapid development of ESG investment; and the standardisation challenges that exist within the industry.


Maria Knapp, Control Risks

Maria is a Partner for ESG Consulting at Control Risks. Hear from her experience advising investors, DFIs and corporate clients on their performance and the risks emanating from ESG issues; what makes new talent attractive to her; and the challenges working on an ever-evolving field.


Joe Robinson, Equitix

Joe is an ESG Manager at Equitix. Learn about ESG integration and considerations across different sectors; how to work with the supply chain to deliver new infrastructure more sustainably throughout the development phase; and tips on how to take a strategic approach and drive better long-term outcomes.

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