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Building Blocks of a Project Webinar Series

To create successful projects, infrastructure developers rely on expertise from a number of different perspectives as they create solutions that address technical, financial, legal and risk management factors. Optimizing a project’s structure to account for these value-drivers requires a broad understanding of each, in combination with the deep expertise provided by practitioners in these fields.

For those Future Leaders wanting to begin the process of developing this broad understanding of how different parties approach and manage a deal, we have built a 4-part webinar series on the main considerations in building, negotiating, financing, and insuring a project.

Building Blocks of a Project – EP 1 | Insurance

This webinar gives Future Leaders a better grasp of the current insurance market, insurance requirements in a Project Agreement, including how to utilise their broker at each phase of a project, understanding insurance lingo, and emerging risks that might affect their business.

Building Blocks of a Project – EP 2 | Legal

With a global focus on public infrastructure modernization and energy transition, part two of our Building Blocks of a Project series focuses on assisting the Future Leaders Network in understanding project structuring as it relates to the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Building Blocks of a Project – EP 3 | Financial

This episode informs Future Leaders on the role of private finance in projects. It includes; breaking down when project finance is brought into transactions,  different types of project finance, navigating a term sheet, what lenders look at when assessing credit worthiness and incorporating lender requirements from draft stage to final project delivery.

Building Blocks of a Project – EP 4 | Technical

The fourth and final episode will inform Future Leaders on the role of the Technical Team in concept and delivery. The episode will focus on the different roles and tasks the technical advisors play from project inception to project commissioning (or services availability). By attending, you will acquire specific knowledge from a diverse range of professionals, best practices and project examples relating to the technical aspects of determining the technical solution, packaging and interacting with other advisor team members and bidders.

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